Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a unique treatment discovered to improve a multitude of skin complaints as well as hair regrowth.

The treatment consists of having your bloods taken by our phlebotomist, the blood is separated and the platelet rich plasma is extracted. A dermaroller is used to pinprick the skin (not for hair regrowth treatment), the minuscule needles create trauma in the skin before your protein packed plasma is then inserted back into the skin. The plasma encourages the break down and removal of dead skin cells whilst stimulating new cell formation/hair follicle growth. The results are increased collagen and elastin for anti ageing properties, removal of acne/scarring, pigmentation and improving overall complexion. For hair regrowth, the high percentage of protein in the injected plasma encourages the “dying” hair follicle to regenerate, enabling hair growth.



£150 skin rejuvenation facial 
£270 hair replacement – one treatment 
£650 hair replacement – course of four treatments 


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